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Posted by Mark Warden on 5/15/2017

Russell & Heather were anxious to escape New York because of the crushing taxes, and were excited to move to New Hampshire to be a part of the Free State Project. Russell's job is location-independent, but he needed to be close to either the Manchester or Boston airport. 

The couple chose to settle in Weare because they loved its rural nature. "We don't have a problem with the neighbors over our dogs barking, and we're only 30 miles from Manchester or Concord." Both Russell and Heather have enjoyed the scenery on the back country roads and like that there is only one hill to bicycle over between home and Country 3 Corners store. Even cooler is the possibility that the pond on their new property is an old mill pond.

So far, one of the best parts of the move is that they cut their property taxes in half. Other things they love about living here include how welcoming people have been, and the culture of freedom. As Russell explains, "People are very helpful, but they assume you know what you're doing, and that you will ask for help if you need it." Heather is settling in, too. She's already connected with with two knitting groups and may join a third. 

Welcome home, Russell & Heather!

Posted by Mark Warden on 2/21/2017

Winter in New Hampshire can be brutal and it's best to be prepared should you get stranded in your car during the winter months. 

Your kit should contain blankets and warm clothes in case you need to wait for help or a tow truck to arrive. There should also be non-perishable food (granola bars, for example) and bottled water, which will be useful if you are in a more remote part of New Hampshire, or there is a bad snow storm. A battery-powered radio, flashlight, and a cell phone adapter for your car’s lighter are also necessities. If you or a family member is on a medication, extra medication should be in the kit as well, along with over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

You’ll want to have tow rope, booster cables, a fluorescent flag, and several emergency flares, as well. Another good thing to have in your kit is road salt, sand, or kitty litter for traction. A first aid kit should be in your emergency kit, as well (although the first aid kit should be in your car year-round, ideally).

When making an emergency kit, it is important that you keep the container somewhere you can easily access. If your trunk is frozen shut and you can’t access it from the interior of your car, it might be a good idea to keep the kit in the backseat or glove compartment.

If you find yourself trapped in a snow bank and are awaiting help, it is important to run your engine for no more than ten minutes per hour. Always make sure the exhaust pipe is clear; if it is not, then deadly carbon monoxide can build up inside the car. When first stuck, tie the fluorescent flag from your kit onto your antenna to make your car easier to find.

After making your winter emergency kit, you will be prepared for almost any emergency you may experience during the snowy months.

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Posted by Mark Warden on 2/15/2017

Since New Hampshire is such a small state, it’s a great place to live if you and your family love daytrips. There are fun activities for all surrounding New Hampshire. Here’s a list of some of the best daytrips:

  • A day in Boston is fun for history buffs, kids, and food connoisseurs alike. From the Museum of Fine Arts to the Freedom Trail  to the Children’s Museum, there’s something for everybody. There’s enough to do in this huge city for many day trips to come.

  • Who doesn’t love Ben & Jerry’s? You can take a day trip out to the Ben & Jerry’s factory for a great tour with ice cream at the end. Anyone who loves ice cream will be delighted with the ice cream graveyard in the back, along with the free samples. This is an affordable day trip - four dollars per adult, and kids under twelve are free.

  • Mackworth Island in Maine is perfect for anyone who’s young at heart. There is a permanent fairy house village on the island, where you can look at others’ fairy houses, or make your own. The scenery is also beautiful, with plenty of benches overlooking the water.

  • Although a bit longer of a drive, Cape Cod is worth the trip. There are sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails, and golfing. Kids and adults alike will love the whale watching trips, along with the cute shopping areas.

  • Rhode Island has many hidden gems, and it’s not too far from Southern NH. Newport has fantastic mansions, along with breathtaking views of the beach. Kids will love walking around the sand-swept beaches, while adults can soak up the history from famous mansions such as The Breakers.

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Posted by Mark Warden on 2/9/2017

The Seacoast of New Hampshire is great for day trips or overnights. Cute towns border the ocean, with fun shops and restaurants. While most adults love spending time in the Seacoast, it can be harder to please kids. Here are some of activities that kids will love and parents won’t hate:

  • Strawbery Banke is a great place to go for a historical experience. Kids will love seeing the old stores, and won’t even think of it being a boring educational outing, while adults will have a great time learning from the experienced guides. The living history museum covers four centuries worth of history, from colonial days to World War II.

  • Prescott Park is full of gorgeous flowers, and is perfect for kids to run around and play while parents admire the gardens. There are plenty of grills and picnic tables, along with a boat dock, making it the perfect place for a picnic lunch while watching the waters. During the summer, there is the Prescott Arts Festival, where you can enjoy movies under the stars.

  • Water Country is a water park based in the Seacoast. There are many rides for those more daring, and for the kids, there’s a play place including a pirate ship, bubble bay, and an octopus to climb on and slide  down.

  • Albacore Park houses a prototype submarine, the USS Albacore. You can learn the history of the submarine, and get to see the actual thing at the park. This attraction is perfect for ship-loving kids and adults alike.

  • Pierce Island has activities for everyone. For the kids, there is a pool, along with playgrounds, while the history buffs can read about Fort Washington, which was based on the island. Walking trails connect waterfront overlooks, making it the perfect place to enjoy the sunset over Portsmouth.

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Posted by Mark Warden on 3/29/2016

We have clients who move to New Hampshire from all over the country, and we often get asked what it's like to live here. We came across a post from a friend of ours, and are reposting it with his permission because, well, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thanks to Robert for permission to reprint this: 

One year in New Hampshire! 

My wife and I have now resided in the Granite State for one year and here are our thoughts: 

We relocated from Connecticut, a tax-happy gun-hating stinkhole. There is a noticeable difference, for those of us who came from such states, in the reach of the taxman here in NH. Sales tax may seem negligible, but it had been a constant factor in my life, and in CT, I had to live through multiple increases and the looming threat of more. I work in MA, so I am still paying state income tax, but I salivate at the prospect of having that washed away at some point down the road when I find the perfect job in NH. 

The relative freedom to purchase and carry firearms is, of course, wonderful. Again, this may be something more significant for those of us who came from more restrictive states. I still feel like I have not fully realized it, so it gets more enjoyable every day (I love the Shooters Outpost in Hooksett, and the Granite State Indoor Range in Hudson). In CT we were treated like criminals for even wanting to purchase a firearm. We had to jump through hoops with multiple checks to different government entities and were subject to ridiculous wait times... And that was just for "permission." 

The landscape in NH is breathtaking. CT doesn’t have anything like the White Mountains and the lakes region. I may not live right there, but knowing those scenic locales, as well as others in Maine and Vermont, are day trips away rather than weekend trips away, is another thing that puts a smile on my face. 

I remember telling my wife when I was looking for a new job that Texas was my first choice and New Hampshire was my second. My reasoning was that, although New Hampshire seemed to have a stronger libertarian streak, culturally Texas had more of a fierce and impassioned defense of independence and freedom. When we were making our first trip up to scope out the area, I remember saying that I was glad we ended up here instead of Texas. There is simply no match for New England; there is fascinating history and beautiful scenery, but we also have all four seasons, unmatched events like PorcFest and the Big E, shorter driving distances to cities and countryside, mountains and beaches, and who doesn't love Chunky's Cinema Pub?! And we can't forget about the fun media circus brought on by the first-in-the-nation primary here in NH. 

In CT, I felt like I was trapped. I felt like there were so many forces opposing the liberty I wanted that it seemed hopeless. But in NH, I just feel the potential to really make the life I want to have. 

When we moved in, we had a couple of volunteers from the Free State Project Welcome Wagon help out with the heavy lifting (which almost certainly saved me from injury) and we even got a cute gift bag. It has just been a great experience. It really does feel like "home" even though we have not yet found our permanent address and are renting for now. 

Both my wife and I work 2 jobs, and both of mine are in MA, so I have not been as involved as I would like, but that will change in time. I fight for liberty, and I happen to agree that New Hampshire is the place to be for that. Therefore, I am a Free Stater. I am here to fight for liberty as promised. There are plenty like me already here and I look forward to many more--come join us!

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